Dymax light-curable adhesives, dispensing systems, and light-curing equipment are utilized in a wide range of industrial applications. Below are a few videos that demonstrate these products and technologies in action.

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Curing Equipment

Introducing the BlueWave® MX-150™
at MD&M East 2016

Dymax Equipment Product Manager Dennis Dell'Accio walks through functions and features of the new BlueWave® MX-150™ LED Spot-Curing System at MD&M East 2016.

»More information on BlueWave® MX-150™ LED Spot-Curing System

BlueWave QX4 LED Multi-Head
Spot Light-Curing System

Dennis DellAccio, Equipment Manager for Dymax Corporation, discusses the Dymax BlueWave QX4 LED light-curing system. Highlights include a substrate curing demonstration and an overview about the benefits of LED curing technology. Dennis also shows important features of the system including the multiple lightguides and easily interchangeable focusing lenses that allow for maximum curing flexibility.

»More information on BlueWave® QX4™ LED Multi-Head Spot-Curing System

Dymax with Design World at MD&M West 2014
Introducing New LED Flood System

Welcome to the Dymax booth at MD&M West 2014! In this video, you'll see our new LED Flood, designed to offer a larger and higher intensity cure area, as well as several new medical adhesives.
»Dymax Curing Systems

Dispensing Equipment

Model 400 Hand-Held Needle Dispensing Valve

»More information on the
Model 400 Dispensing Valve

Model 455 Disposable Fluid Path Dispensing Valve

»More information on the
Model 455 Dispensing Valve


Model 475 Diaphragm Dispensing Valve

»More information on the Model 475 Dispensing Valve

Model 775 Spool Dispensing Valve

»More information on the Model 775 Dispensing Valve

Model 826 Disposable Fluid Path Dispensing Valve

»More information on the Model 826 Dispensing Valve

Low-Level Sensing Material Reservoirs

»Low-Level Sensor Systems


Product Application Videos

FIP/CIP Gaskets

Dymax FIP/CIP gaskets conform to intricate and complex component configurations

»Dymax FIP/CIP gaskets

FIP/CIP gaskets are excellent for sealing out unwanted elements and debris on conduit boxes

»Dymax FIP/CIP gaskets

»Dymax FIP Gaskets

»Dymax FIP Gaskets

Adhesives for Industrial Applications

»Dymax adhesives for bonding glass

»Dymax plastic bonding adhesives

Adhesives for Medical Device Assembly

Dymax with Design World at MD&M West 2014
innovative medical device adhesives for
hearing aid device applications

»Dymax Medical Device Adhesives

Dymax with Design World at MD&M West 2014
new line of catheter adhesives, curing equipment, and redesigned packaging

»Dymax Catheter Bonding Adhesives


Bead on Bead with preeflow eco-PEN by ViscoTec
used with Dymax 726-SC masking material
and BlueWave® LED Prime UVA Spot Curing System

»More information on preeflow eco-PEN by ViscoTec

SpeedMask® maskants provide reliable protection during turbine airflow testing

»Dymax Masking Resins

»Dymax Masking Resins and Spray Gun systems

»Dymax Masking Resins

SpeedMask® maskants withstand extreme temperatures during plasma spray applications

»Dymax Masking Resins


Materials for Electronics Assembly

»Dymax adhesives for ruggedization

»Dymax adhesives for reinforcement

»Dymax conformal coatings

»Dymax conformal coatings

Peelable Electronic Maskants

»Dymax peelable masks for electronics

Materials for Optical Display Lamination

»Dymax optical display lamination materials

Electronics Maskants for PCB Pin Connectors
Demonstration at Assembly 2015

»Dymax peelable masks for electronics


Adhesive Technologies

See-Cure Adhesives Offer Visual Cure Validation
MD&M Chicago 2012

»More information on See-Cure technology

LED Light-Curing System Demonstration
MD&M Chicago 2012

»More information on Dymax LED technology

Encompass™ Technology
demo at Assembly 2015

»More information on Encompass™ technology


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