Light Lines Newsletter Spring 2017 - Discover new light-curable materials for the medical and electronics industries
1406-M Needle Bonding Adhesive

They shouldn't! New 1406-M medical adhesive provides better adhesion and improved performance on the reduced surface area of smaller cannulas. And it stays strong, even after aging and sterilization, to reduce the possibility of cannula substrate failure. The adhesive is also optimized for LED curing, enabling small gauge needle manufacturers to enjoy the benefits of LED curing without sacrificing speed or cured mechanical properties. Download the product data sheet today and see how well it performed.

BlueWave® MX-150 LED Light-Curing System
Watch as David Miller, Dymax Territory Sales Manager, demonstrates the capabilities of the BlueWave® MX-150 LED light-curing system.
BlueWave MX-150
Methods of Applying Conformal Coatings
New Infographic Series: Methods of Applying Conformal Coatings

There are multiple ways to apply conformal coatings, from manual brushing methods to completely automated dispensing stations. With so many options, it is important to know the strengths and shortfalls of each method to ensure you've selected the best method for your particular needs. Our new infographic series compares the most common methods and summarizes the pros and cons of each so you can quickly understand how each works and if its a good fit for your process.

New Selector Guide
New Selector Guide: Light-Curable Materials for Electronics Assembly

This guide provides an overview of our light-curable materials best suited for electronic applications and gives valuable technical data to help readers begin the selection process. All products in the selector charts are directly linked to product pages where readers can easily access more information. The guide also includes a selection of dispensing and light-curing systems that are suited for electronics applications. Download your copy today!

Learn How One Company Supported a 30% Increase in Demand by Switching to a SpeedMask® Maskant

A global manufacturer of PCB assemblies was searching for a product that would help them increase their process throughput and improve their quality to minimize rework. By switching from a latex-based maskant to SpeedMask®, the company was able to support a 30% increase in demand while reducing overall operating costs.

Increase Your Efficiency with SpeedMask Masking Resins
New White Paper
Ensure Adhesion on Medical Devices Made with Hard-to-Bond Plastic Substrates

This new white paper discusses substrates like COC and PEBA, which are becoming popular in medical device design but are often difficult to bond. It discusses how to overcome challenges with adhesion, as well as why bonds typically fail, and how to design a process that will ensure a lasting bond. Get your copy today!

Dymax YouTube Channel - New Videos
New Videos on Our YouTube Channel
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>> MRO 2017: Automated Turbine Masking Application

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