UV LED Curing Technology

LED Light-Curing Equipment and LED Curable Adhesives

Dymax manufacturers LED curing equipment and compatible LED adhesives that are designed to work together to provide fast, clean cures of adhesives, coatings, and inks.

UV LED curing technology offers many benefits over traditional broad-spectrum UV light curing such as lower operating costs and “green" attributes that eliminate mercury and ozone safety risks. As interest in the technology grows, LED curing is becoming an ideal alternative for conventional light-curing that has been the industry standard for several decades. When an LED curing system is perfectly matched with an LED cure adhesive, they create an optimized curing process that provides an economical, high-throughput solution for manufacturers.

  • Cooler curing for better thermal management
  • Very stable lamp intensity for consistent process control
  • Reduced downtime and lower light replacement costs compared to conventional curing systems
  • Solvent-free LED curable adhesives that cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light
  • Instant start up and immediate light energy for on-demand curing that increases the speed of automated assembly