UV LED Light Curing Equipment

UV LED Light-Curing Equipment

UV LED Curing Spot Lamps, Flood Lamps, and Conveyor Systems

UV LED curing lamps are semiconductor light sources that emit very discrete wavelengths of light energy, resulting in a single, narrow, bell-shaped emission spectrum. They generate UV-curing light using an array of surface-mounted LEDs instead of traditional metal halide or mercury bulbs. Conventional mercury-arc lamps, on the other hand, are broadband light sources that emit light over a wide range of wavelengths including short wave UV, long wave visible, and even longer wave infrared. LED curing lamps have become a popular alternative for the mercury-arc lamps because of their “green” attributes such as cooler curing and longer life.

Dymax LED curing systems feature a unique design that provides uniform frequency and intensity output for consistent cures that facilitate better process control, increased manufacturing throughput, and lower operating costs. Some of the benefits LED curing offers over traditional lamps are:

  • Cooler curing temperatures
  • Lower intensity degradation over time
  • More consistent cure results
  • Longer life
  • No bulbs to change
  • Lower energy consumption

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