UV LED Curable Adhesives

UV LED-Curable Adhesives

LED Adhesives for Electronic, Industrial, and Medical Device Applications

UV LED curable adhesives cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light, heat, or activator for fast adhesion to a wide variety of plastic, metal, and glass substrates. When paired with Dymax LED curing spot, flood, and conveyor systems, LED cure adhesives provide manufacturers with significant advantages over conventional lamp-curing systems including cooler curing temperatures, more consistent cures, lower energy consumption, and cost savings.

  • Fast cure speeds for on-demand curing and automated assembly
  • Solvent free for lower environmental impact
  • Bonds to flexible, rigid substrates, and dissimilar substrates
  • Fluorescing grades for easy, 100% in-line inspection

Electronic AdhesivesIndustrial AdhesivesMedical Device Adhesives
Conformal Coatings
Ruggedizing Adhesives
Wire Tacking Adhesives
Glass Bonders
Plastic Bonders
Structural Bonders
Surface Protection Maskants
Catheter Bonders
Needle/Syringe Adhesives


Switching From Conventional Light-Curing to LED Light-Curing White Paper
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