UV LED Curable Adhesive Technologies

UV LED Curable Adhesive Technologies

See-Cure Technology

Dymax UV LED-curable adhesives with patented See-Cure technology are bright blue when uncured, making it easy for operators or simple vision systems to identify adhesive coverage on the surface of substrates. During the light-curing process, the blue color disappears only after the adhesive reaches full cure, providing visual confirmation that the adhesive is cured and the bond is secure.

Ultra-Red® Technology

Ultra-Red® fluorescing technology, formulated into Dymax UV LED cure adhesives, enhances bond-line inspection processes. The adhesives remain clear until exposed to low-intensity UV light at which point they fluoresce bright red for easy in-line inspection. Ultra-Red technology also produces a unique spectral signature that can be used by manufacturers for product authentication.

Encompass™ Technology

UV LED curing adhesives with Encompass™ technology incorporate Dymax See-Cure color change and Ultra-Red® fluorescing technologies into one product. The technology enables manufacturers to gain efficiencies from rapid on-demand curing with easy cure confirmation and post-cure bond-line inspection.

Multi-Cure® Light/Activator or Heat-Cure Adhesives

One-component acrylic adhesives combine the high-speed cure of UV and/or visible light with secondary cure mechanisms that enhance polymerization. Secondary cure mechanisms include thermal (heat) cure or activator cure and are used when light can only reach a portion of the area to be bonded.


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