ACCU-CAL™ 150 Radiometer - UV Intensity Meter

for use with UV Light-Curing Flood Lamps and Conveyor Systems  CE Marked - Available Globally (Except Europe)

Consistent UV curing requires periodic monitoring of UV intensity or dose. The ACCU-CAL™ 150 radiometer is simple to operate and offers repeatable measurement of UV light. The ACCU-CAL 150 can measure UV light up to 10 W/cm2 emitted from stationary flood curing lamps or lamps used in conveyorized processes. This radiometer can be used to determine intensity (measured in mW/cm2) or total energy as derived from intensity and exposure time (measured in mJ/cm2). The ACCU-CAL 150 radiometer greatly simplifies both validating and monitoring a UV curing process.

Two Reasons to Use a UV Radiometer

  • Validating and Maintaining a Light-Curing Process - A radiometer provides a quantifiable measurement that verifies if the UV curing process is operating within the qualified parameters. Since all UV bulbs degrade over time, the radiometer will reveal the optimal time for bulb replacement in the UV curing device. Radiometers provide the same monitoring control for light-curing processes that thermometers provide for thermal processes.
  • Measuring Transmission Rates Through Substrates - A radiometer can be used to measure the light transmission rates of various wavelengths through substrates that absorb UV and/or visible light. To assure an effective curing process it is critical to measure the light intensity reaching the resin below the intervening substrate.

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ACCU-CAL™ 150 Radiometer Specifications
Spectral Sensitivity320 to 390 nm
Intensity Range10 mW/cm2 to 10 W/cm2
Accuracy± 10%, ± 5% typical
ResolutionIntensity (1 mW/cm2)
Dose (1 mJ/cm2)
Calibration Period6 months
Operating Temperature Ranges 0-75°C Internal temperature; tolerates high external temperatures for short periods (audible alarm indicates when temperature has exceeded tolerance)
MeasurementsPeak Intensity (mW/cm2)
Dose (mJ/cm2)
Light SourcesUV curing flood lamps and conveyor systems
Power SupplyTwo (2) AAA batteries
Battery Life20 hours with display on (automatic shutoff after 2 minutes)
Instrument Dimensions4.60 x 0.50 inches; 117 mm x 12.7 mm (D x H)
Instrument Weight10.1 ounces (289 grams)
Instrument MaterialsAluminum, stainless steel
Carrying Case Dimensions 10.75 x 3.5 x 7.75 inches; 274 x 89 x 197 mm (W x H x D)
Carrying Case Weight9 ounces (260 grams)
Carrying Case Materials Cut polyurethane interior, scuff resistant nylon exterior cover
Part Number40550
Optional Data Download Kit 40629 Allows data capture and download to PC
Images & Diagrams
Part Number 40550 ACCU-CAL 150 for UV Flood Lamps and Conveyor Systems Only

PN 40550
ACCU-CAL™ 150 for UV curing flood lamps
and conveyor systems only.