LED Curing Conveyor Systems

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Dymax LED light curing conveyor systems offer consistent, fast, safe, and efficient LED curing of widths up to 10" in a 12" wide parts width platform. These conveyors are designed for curing LED curable adhesives, LED curable coatings, and LED curable inks that react in the UVA and/or visible spectral ranges.


  • Consistent LED curing
  • Complete LED shielding
  • Adjustable lamp-to-belt distance
  • 4", 6", or 10" vertical clearance
  • Integral cooling and vacuum hold-down
  • 1 to 32 fpm
  • Bench-top conveyor (cart optional)

Consistent line speed, consistent lamp height, and consistent intensity together provide a consistent curing process. These conveyors do not emit stray light and can be outfitted with one or two 365, 385, or 405 nm lamps positioned in either in-line or side-by-side configurations as required by the application.

Download  UVCS LED Conveyor Systems Product Bulletin
Download  UVCS Conveyor with BlueWave® LED Flood Array Retro Fit Kit Quick Start Instructions
Download  UVCS LED Conveyor Systems User Guide
Download  How to Validate a Conveyor Light-Curing Process Article
Download  Dymax Light-Curing Equipment Selector Guide

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UVCS LED Conveyor System Specifications
Maximum Intensity1 VisiCure®: 950 mW/cm2
PrimeCure™: 850 mW/cm2
RediCure™: 450 mW/cm2
Maximum UVA Energy2
@ 5 fpm
1.44 J/cm2
Line Speed 1 to 32 fpm
Width of Illuminated Area 5" or 10" (depending on the number and orientation of the LED flood lamps)
Voltage LED Array(s) - 90V to 260V
Conveyor - 120V or 220/230V
Vertical Clearance 4" (Standard)
6" (with 2" riser, PN 39218)
10" (with 6" riser, PN 39280)
Overall Dimensions 50.5" L x 29.8" W x 16.4" H
(128 cm x 76 cm x 72 cm)

Part Numbers:
12" UVCS with one PrimeCure™
(385 nm) LED Array
41353 (120V)    Request a quote
41355 (230V)    Request a quote
41357 (230V)*   Request a quote
12" UVCS with two PrimeCure™
(385 nm) LED Arrays
41354 (120V)    Request a quote
41356 (230V)    Request a quote
41358 (230V)*   Request a quote
12" UVCS with four PrimeCure™
(385 nm) LED Arrays
41996 (120V)    Request a quote
42004 (230V)    Request a quote
42011 (230V)*   Request a quote
12" UVCS with one VisiCure®
(405 nm) LED Array
41363 (120V)    Request a quote
41465 (230V)    Request a quote
41367 (230V)*   Request a quote
12" UVCS with two VisiCure®
(405 nm) LED Arrays
41364 (120V)    Request a quote
41366 (230V)    Request a quote
41368 (230V)*   Request a quote
12" UVCS with four VisiCure®
(405 nm) LED Arrays
41997 (120V)    Request a quote
42005 (230V)    Request a quote
42012 (230V)*   Request a quote
12" UVCS with one RediCure™
(365 nm) LED Array
41343 (120V)    Request a quote
41345 (230V)    Request a quote
41347 (230V)*   Request a quote
12" UVCS with two RediCure™
(365 nm) LED Arrays
41344 (120V)    Request a quote
41346 (230V)    Request a quote
41348 (230V)*   Request a quote
12" UVCS with four RediCure™
(365 nm) LED Arrays
41995 (120V)    Request a quote
42003 (230V)    Request a quote
42010 (230V)*   Request a quote
Conveyor Retro-Fit Kit 41340  (1 or 2 Arrays)  Request a quote
41990  (4 Arrays)  Request a quote

Convert EC Lamp Conveyors to LED. Does not work with Fusion lamps.

1 Intensity readings vary widely depending on the make and model of the radiometer. These are typical output intensities measured with the ACCU-CAL™ 50-LED Radiometer.
2 Intensity readings vary widely depending on the make and model of the radiometer. These intensities were measured with the Power Puck II Radiometer.
*Asia/Type G Power Cord Included
Images & Diagrams

LED Floods Mounted in Conveyor
Two LED Floods Mounted
in a UVCS Conveyor
(Not Available in Europe)

PrimeCure 385 nm wavelength array
PrimeCure™ 385 nm Wavelength Array

VisiCure 405 nm wavelength array
VisiCure® 405 nm Wavelength Array

RediCure 365 nm wavelength array
RediCure™ 365 nm Wavelength Array