12" Wide UV Curing Conveyors with Fusion F-300s

Not Available in Europe

Dymax 12" wide UV curing conveyors offer consistent, fast, and safe UV curing. These conveyors are designed for UV curing adhesives, coatings, and inks and can be outfitted with either standard metal halide (longwave "D") or mercury (shortwave "H") bulbs.


  • Consistent UV curing
  • Complete UV shielding
  • Adjustable lamp to belt distance
  • 4", 6", or 10" vertical clearance
  • Integral cooling and vacuum hold-down
  • 1 to 27 fpm or 25 to 115 fpm
  • 5,000 hour bulb life
  • <2,500 mW/cm2
  • Bench-top conveyor (cart optional)

Consistent line speed, consistent lamp height, and consistent UV output provide a consistent UV cure. These UV conveyors do not emit stray UV light despite utilizing some of the most intense UV curing systems on the market. These conveyors can be outfitted with one or two high-intensity Fusion F300s as shown in the configurations below.

Download  12" Wide UV Light Curing Conveyor Systems Product Bulletin
Download  UVCS Fusion UV Light Curing Conveyor Systems Operations Manual
Download  Dymax Light-Curing Equipment Selector Guide
Download  How to Validate a Conveyor Light-Curing Process Article
Download  Heraeus Nobelight F300S and F300SQ Document

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UVCS Conveyor System Specifications
Maximum UVA Intensity
(320-395 nm)1
2,500 mW/cm2
Maximum UVA Energy
(320-395 nm) @ 5 fpm
2.0 J/cm2
Line Speed 1-27 fpm or 25-115 fpm
Width of Illuminated Area 6" (one Fusion F-300) or 12" (two Fusion F300s)
Voltage 220/230V (50 or 60 Hz)
Vertical Clearance 4" (Standard)
6" (with 2" riser, PN 39218)
10" (with 6" riser, PN 39280)
Overall Dimensions 50.5" L x 29.8" W x 16.4" H
(128 cm x 76 cm x 42 cm)
Part Numbers:

12" Conveyor w/ one Fusion F-300
(6" wide curing)

39150 (1-27 fpm)  Request a quote
12" Conveyor w/ two Fusion F-300s
(12" wide curing)
39160 (1-27 fpm)  Request a quote
Bulb Life 5,000 hours with essentially no degradation
Replacement Bulbs 36399 Standard "D" bulb, Metal Halide
36441 Optional "H" bulb Mercury*
1 Intensity readings vary widely depending on the make and model of the radiometer. These intensities were measured with the ACCU-CAL™ 50 radiometer.
*These bulbs are primarily designed for curing UV inks and cationic epoxies.
Images & Diagrams

UV Curing Conveyor with Fusion F-300s

UV Curing Conveyor with Fusion F-300s

One Fusion F-300
(for 6

One Fusion F-300
(for 6" wide curing)
PN 39150

Two Fusion F-300s (for 12

Two Fusion F-300s
(for 12" wide curing)
PN 39160

UVCS shown with one F-300 UV lamp Click to enlarge

UVCS shown with one F-300 UV lamp. Click to enlarge.