Edge-Carry UV Curing Conveyor

Not Available in Europe

The Dymax Edge-Carry series of conveyors is designed for efficient curing of UV and/or visible light-sensitive adhesives, inks, and coatings. These conveyors can be outfitted with a variety of lamp configurations to address a variety of application specific requirements. They offer complete shielding from UV light and consistent cure times. Configuration options allow flexibility when defining intensity requirements to keep operating costs to a minimum. Standard height clearance is 0.75" across the entire 18" width, which is ideal for low profile parts such as PCBs, and up to 6 inches across a 13.75" width, which can be increased to either 8" or 12" with optional risers installed.


  • Complete UV shielding
  • Controlled and consistent cure times
  • Adjustable width to 18"
  • Adjustable lamp-to-part distance
  • Built-in variable speed exhaust fan and stack
  • Can be outfitted with either Dymax EC series or Fusion lamps
  • Accurate digital speed control with readout
  • Bench-top conveyor

Choosing the Right Lamp(s) for Your Edge-Carry Conveyor
Edge-Carry series conveyors can be outfitted with Dymax 5000-EC, 2000-EC, and 1200-EC lamps, or Fusion F300 lamps. Edge-Carry lamps are sold separately.

5000-EC Lamps
These lamps provide moderate intensity (~200 mW/cm2) over a 6" x 6" (approximate) curing area. Their 400-Watt auto-switching power supplies accept 90 to 264 Volts AC and 47 to 63 Hz. With normal use, 5000-EC bulbs will retain 90% of their original intensity after 1,000 hours. 5000-EC lamps are recommended for small-to-medium throughput bonding applications. For faster or more tack-free cures, Fusion F300 lamps are recommended.

Download  Edge-Carry UV-Light Curing Conveyor Systems Product Bulletin
Download  Edge-Carry UV Curing Conveyor Systems Operations Manual
Download  Dymax Light-Curing Equipment Selector Guide
Download  How to Validate a Conveyor Light-Curing Process Article
Download  Heraeus Nobelight F300S and F300SQ Document

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Maximum Chain Spacing
UVCS 5000, 1200/2000 EC, and Fusion F300 Lamp Specifications and Features
 5000-EC Lamps2000/1200
EC Lamps
Part Number 40324 40328 40325 40329 40326 40275 40327 40331 40334
40336 40280
18" 18"
Number of Lamps 1* 2* 2 4 1* 1* 1* 2
Lamp Orientation
CM = center mounted
FW = full width
Width of Illuminated Area 6" 12" 9" 9" 6" 12"
Maximum UVA Intensity
(320-390 nm)
200 mW/cm2 100 mW/cm2 400 mW/cm2 2,500 mW/cm2
Maxiumu UVA Energy
(320-390 nm) @ 5 fpm (J/cm2)
1.25 2.50 1.25 2.50 0.1 0.4 2
Shipping Weight
with Crates (lbs.)
390 410 450 390 390 475 580
Belt Speeds
(feet per minute)
1-32 fpm 1-32 fpm 1-32 fpm
Voltage (VAC) 115V 208-240V 115V 208-240V 115V 208-240V 115V 208-240V 115 or 208-240V 208-240V
Amperage 9.6 4.8 17.6 8.8 17.6 8.8 33.6 16.8    16 32.6

*These conveyors have center-mounted lamps that are supplied with removable guides to channel parts into middle 6" of conveyor.
**These bulbs are primarily designed for curing UV inks and cationic epoxies.

Images & Diagrams

Dymax Edge-Carry UV Curing Conveyor

Edge-Carry UV Curing Conveyor

Dymax Edge-Carry series conveyors can be outfitted with one, two, or four 5000-EC lamps as shown below.

One 5000-EC UV lamp center-mounted 6 in wide single exposure

One 5000-EC lamp center mounted
6" wide single exposure

Two 5000-EC UV lamp center-mounted 6 in wide double exposure

Two 5000-EC lamps center mounted
6" wide double exposure

Two 5000-EC UV lamps full-width mounted 12 in wide single exposure

Two 5000-EC lamps full-width mounted
12" wide single exposure

Four 5000-EC UV lamps full-width mounted 12 in wide double exposure

Four 5000-EC lamps full-width mounted
12" wide double exposure