ZIP™ Shutters for use with UV Light Curing Flood Lamp Systems

CE Marked - Available Globally

Dymax ZIP™ Shutters are retractable shutters designed as an accessory to use with the Dymax UV flood lamp curing systems. Shutters for UV light curing systems provide an additional safety feature to prevent operator exposure when lifting shields during system operation.

Dymax UV flood lamps use a medium-pressure arc bulb as a source of curing energy. This bulb requires a few minutes to warm up after ignition before it reaches a steady state and needs a few minutes to cool before being able to re-ignite after being turned off. Repeatedly turning the power to the bulb off and on negatively affects the lifetime of the bulb. With a Dymax shutter installed, the flood lamp may stay on continuously. Objects needing curing may be loaded and unloaded from underneath the shutter when it is closed without exposing operators or parts to ultraviolet light. In addition, precise control of curing times can be achieved by timed shutter operation.

The 2000-EC UV curing flood lamp consists of a power supply, reflector housing and 400 Watt metal halide UV curing bulb. Accessories can be ordered with or retrofitted to the UV curing lamp after purchase, including shutter assemblies, UV shields and UV flood lamp stands. Complete UV flood systems are also available.

The shutter can be operated in two modes: timed and manual. In the timed mode, the shutter opens by pressing a switch on the front panel, or by activating the remote switch (i.e. foot pedal switch). The shutter will remain open for the length of time defined by the timer, freeing the operator to perform other tasks during the curing cycle. In the manual mode, pressing the button on the front panel or remote switch (i.e. foot pedal) can activate the shutter, and the screen will remain open for as long as the button or pedal is depressed.

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Download  ZIP™ Shutter for Use with Dymax EC & PC Flood Lamps Lamps Product Bulletin
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Specifications37863  Request a quote40885  Request a quote
Compatible Flood Lamps

Dymax 1200-EC, 2000-EC, 2000-PC, 5000-EC, and 5000-PC

Dymax ECE 2000 and ECE 5000
Aperture Size 8" x 8" adapter plate for 2000 Series Flood Lamps
5" x 5" adapter plate for 5000 Series Flood Lamps
Operating Voltage 24 VDC (supplied by the EC, PC, or ECE Power Supply)
Operation Modes Timed/Manual
Remote Control Via foot pedal
Timer Range: 1 to 99 seconds (1 second increments) by adjusting +/- the Push-Button Counter
Accuracy and Repeatability:
For settings below 30 seconds (± 1 second)
For settings above 30 seconds (± 2 seconds)
Tolerance (variable between different units): ± 2%
Includes Shutter and foot switch with connector cable
Dimensions, W x D x H 12.5" x 12.9" x 3.8" [31.8 cm x 32.8 cm x 9.7 cm]
Weight 5.45 lbs. [2.47 kg]
Images & Diagrams
ZIP™ Shutter

ZIP™ Shutter (PN 37863)
ECE ZIP™ Shutter

ECE ZIP™ Shutter (PN 40885)