Manual Shutters for use with UV Light Curing Flood Lamp Equipment Systems

CE Marked - Available Globally

The manual shutter is a safety-enhancing device that reduces heat on work area surfaces and operator exposure to UV/visible light. Made of light-weight brushed aluminum, this low cost shutter has a two-direction hand-turn knob for opening and closing and can be used with the Dymax Light Shield and all flood curing systems.

Dymax flood lamps use a medium pressure arc bulb as a source of radiant energy. This bulb requires a few minutes to warm up after ignition, before it reaches a steady state and after being turned off, and needs a few minutes to cool before being able to ignite again. Turning the bulb off and on negatively affects the lifetime of the bulb. With a Dymax shutter installed, the flood lamp may stay on continuously. Objects needing curing may be loaded and unloaded from underneath the shutter when it is shut without exposing operators to ultraviolet light.

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11.3" W x 11.1" D x 2.5" H
(28.7 cm x 28.2 cm x 6.4 cm)

Part Number

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Manual Shutter