Lightguide Simulator

for Use with UV Spot Light Curing Systems

Lightguide Simulator for Use with UV Spot Light Curing Systems

The lightguide simulator is used to quickly monitor direct light output readings from Dymax UV/Visible light spot curing sources, accurately measure lightguide transmittance, and maintain lightguide integrity. The simulator is a precision optical tool which substitutes for the lightguide to allow direct intensity readings from the lamp. This is critical in establishing control parameters for the lamp or lightguide replacement.

Lightguide Simulator Features:

  • Allows a direct lamp output reading
  • Provides fast and accurate intensity readings
  • Helps in determining bulb and lightguide replacement timing
  • Helps increase productivity of UV/visible light curing spot lamps
  • For use with Dymax BlueWave® 200 and ADAC Systems CURE SPOT 50 spot light curing systems

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Lightguide Simulator for UV Spot Lamps Diagram

Light Simulator for UV Spot Curing Lamps
For use with the Dymax BlueWave®, ADAC and most North American Spot Light Curing Systems