Lightguide Filter Mount Assemblies

for UV Light Curing Spot Lamps

Lightguides for UV Light Curing Spot Lamps

Optical bandwidth Cool Blue™ filters extend liquid lightguide life and provide more curing options for applications requiring UV light cure. Filters are factory installed in the lightguide mount assembly, which holds the lightguide into the housing. They are for use with Dymax BlueWave® 200 and ADAC Systems Cure Spot UV spot curing lamps.

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Lightguide Filter Mount Assemblies

Spectral Output of Dymax Bulbs through Lightguide Filter Mount Assemblies DescriptionApplicationsPart Number
Spectral Output PN 38627 Standard factory installed that comes standard in all Dymax BlueWave® 200 and ADAC Systems Cure Spot 50 spot lights Provides spectral output that is optimum for most applications and protects lightguides P/N 38627
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Spectral Output PN 38668 Lightguide mount assembly with no filter* installed Provides broadest spectral output; enhances tack-free cures; gains UVB, 5% more UVA and heat; faster lightguide degradation P/N 38668
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Spectral Output PN 38669 Lightguide mount assembly with two standard filters (for reduced heat) installed Reduces heat with 11% UVA intensity loss; best for curing on heat sensitive substrates P/N 38669
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Spectral Output PN 38670 Lightguide mount assembly with filter (for reduced heat & visible light) installed
(limited availability)
Filter creates a high intensity black light; provides greatest heat reduction; eliminates 99% of visible light: loss of 11% UVA intensity; may be used for inspection; recommended for automated and shielded applications only P/N 38670
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*Note: Part number 38668 requires Dymax extended range or quartz lightguides.