3 Ways to Simplify Dispensing Equipment Selection

DispensingObtaining a proper light-cure begins long before you turn on your conveyor system or spot curing lamp. A successful light-curing process begins with selecting the right dispensing equipment for your needs, as outlined in our latest white paper, Dispensing Light-Curable Materials: Process Controls & Troubleshooting. Download it for free, and read about the best practices for your next application.

Consider substrate compatibility. There are many different materials involved in the preparation, dispensing, and curing process, including those in the dispensing equipment itself. Like the adhesive you intend to cure, the materials that your dispensing equipment is made from or the components it utilizes can be impacted by UV and visible light, making selecting the right materials a critical part of your success. Certain metals, for example, can be penetrated by UV and visible light, potentially exposing and prematurely curing the adhesive. Refer to the white paper for an in-depth look at compatible materials.

Understand your environment. It might sound obvious, but in practice, the climate’s impact on your dispensing process is an often overlooked detail. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can alter the viscosity of light-curable materials and can impact dispense system settings. This is of particular importance to global companies that, despite using the same equipment and materials on an identical substrate, may need to adjust their dispensing settings to accommodate changes in environment.

Avoid costly air bubbles. In addition to climate, changing levels of pressure can negatively affect your dispensing process. Setting incorrect pressure or vacuum levels can create costly air bubbles and render your dispensed adhesive less effective. Take the material’s viscosity and other factors into consideration when determining these settings to achieve the best results.

There are many factors that can impact the success of your dispensing process, and it all starts with selecting the right equipment. Evaluate your organization’s needs, climate, and materials before making a purchase to ensure the best results. Not sure where to start? Explore a rental program to test equipment before you buy and learn more about the dispensing process with our free white paper, Dispensing Light-Curable Materials: Process Controls & Troubleshooting.

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