UV and Visible Light Curing Vehicle Lighting Assembly Adhesives

Ideal for Bonding Lenses to Reflector Housings and Vent Hole Sealing

Vehicle Lighting Assembly Adhesives

An early innovator in the use of UV light curing adhesives for headlamp assembly, Dymax has been providing tier one automotive manufacturers of vehicle lighting with adhesives and sealants for over 20 years. New advances in adhesive technologies provide additional application opportunities for manufacturers of vehicle lighting to dramatically lower production costs.

Solvent-free adhesives for headlamp assembly cure in seconds and provide in-line cure for immediate quality control inspection. They resist harsh environments and withstand high temperatures to form strong structural bonds to glass, metal, plastic, and difficult-to-bond substrates. High-strength gap filling allows for smaller bond areas and larger reflective surfaces for brighter headlamps. Dymax adhesives are ideal for bonding lenses to reflector housings and vent hole sealing.

  • Cures in seconds through UV-blocked plastics
  • Faster than hot-melt and low capital costs
  • Small manufacturing footprint
  • One-part adhesives
  • No two-part mixing or waste
  • No two-part racking, stacking, and waiting
  • Easy to dispense and clean
  • Reduced labor
  • In-line inspection
  • Low outgassing and no condensation
  • Structural strength to plastics, glass, and metal
  • Solvent free
  • Silicone free
  • RoHS Compliant
Download  Adhesives for Vehicle Lighting Assembly Application Bulletin

UV/Visible Light Curing Vehicle Lighting Assembly Selector Guide

Applications: Sealing LED assemblies; potting; lens bonding; LED assemblies
Features: UV/visible light cure; flexible plastic bonder; thermal shock resistance

Applications: Bonding lens to reflector; potting; LED assemblies
Features: UV/visible light cure; moisture resistant; fast cure; plastic bonder

Applications: Ruggedizing and sealing vacuum ports
Features: Multi-Cure® (heat or activator cure) for shadowed areas; bonds metal, glass, and plastic

Applications: Lead tacking and sealing
Features: Cures with heat or pre-applied activator; structural strength bonds

Applications: Headlamp, tail light, and LED sealing
Features: UV/visible light cure; Form-In-Place/Cure-In-Place gasket; moisture resistant; soft; flexible; low compression set