Ultra Light-Weld® Red, Light-Curable LCP Adhesive for Microspeaker Assembly

Ultra Light-Weld® 9671 cures upon exposure to light and is designed for rapid bonding of liquid crystal polymer (LCP). This adhesive also provides rapid bonding and sealing of various other speaker substrates including PAR, PEN, and voice coils. Dymax 9671 cures in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light and is environmentally resistant with good ionic and electrical properties. This product is one part, bright red, and highly thixotropic for easy application and inspection. Bonds generally exceed the strength of substrates bonded. 9671 adhesive displays excellent adhesion to LCP, circuit boards, electronic components, and speaker membranes. This adhesive is a thixotropic gel suitable for dams and/or general purpose bonding. The viscosity is ideal for medium glob top profiles.

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Dymax materials are solvent free and cure upon exposure to light. Their ability to cure in seconds results in lower processing costs. When cured with Dymax UV light curing spot lamps, focused beam lamps, flood lamps, or conveyor systems they deliver optimum speed and performance for maximum efficiency. Dymax lamps offer the optimum balance of UV and visible light for the fastest, deepest cures. This product is in full compliance with the RoHS Directives 2002/95/EC and 2003/11EC.

Viscosity (nominal):  45,000 cP

Shore Hardness:

Elongation at Break:

Substrates:  ABS; Nylon; PC; PI; PU; PVC; FR4

Package Sizes Available*:
30 mL Syringe (MR)
160 mL Cartridge

*In Europe materials are sold in g/kg not mL/L
Microspeaker membranes-to-housings
Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) bonding

UV/Visible light cure
Red color
Highly thixotropic
Cures in seconds
Enhanced visibility
High bead profile for enhanced coverage
Low VOCs