High-Temperature See-Cure Maskant for Thermal Spray Coatings

SpeedMask® 750-SC UV/Visible light curable masking resin is formulated to provide excellent surface protection during higher temperature thermal spray coating, plasma spray, and HVOF processes as well as aggressive grit blasting. The purple transitions to pink upon exposure to sufficient light energy indicating full cure has been achieved. This masking resin is easily removed by incineration in an air furnace at a minimum temperature of 650°C [1200°F]. 750-SC can also be removed from the coated substrate after short exposures to warm water (60°C +) or warm air. This exposure will soften the maskant and allow for easier removal.

SpeedMask 750-SC is recommended for surfaces such as nickel alloys, titanium alloys, and cobalt chrome.

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Dymax materials are solvent free and cure upon exposure to light. Their ability to cure in seconds results in lower processing costs. When cured with Dymax UV light curing spot lamps, focused beam lamps, flood lamps, or conveyor systems they deliver optimum speed and performance for maximum efficiency. Dymax lamps offer the optimum balance of UV and visible light for the fastest, deepest cures. This product is in full compliance with the RoHS Directives 2002/95/EC and 2003/11EC.

Viscosity (nominal):  30,000 cP

Shore Hardness:  A85

Modulus of Elasticity MPa [psi]:  4.4 [640]

Cure Time**:  10 seconds

Package Sizes Available*:
30 ml syringe
160 ml cartridge
300 ml cartridge
550 ml cartridge
15 liter pail

*In Europe materials are sold in g/kg not mL/L
**Cure time based upon Dymax 5000-EC Light Curing Flood Lamp System (250 mW/cm2)
High-temp plasma spray
Aggressive grit blasting
Wire arc spray
Thermal spray coatings

See-Cure technology transitions from purple to pink upon sufficient exposure to UV/visible light
High adhesion
Cures tack-free
Hard and durable
Resilient to blast media
Peelable or incineration removal method