Medical Respiratory Device Assembly Adhesives

Bond to a Variety of Substrates as well as Highly Plasticized Plastics

UV and Visible Light Curing Adhesives for Respiratory-Device Assembly

The Dymax "MSK" line of UV and visible light curable adhesives has been formulated for bonding respiratory devices such as anesthesia masks, resuscitator bags, and breathing circuits. These products are solvent free, ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity approved and form strong, flexible bonds to a variety of substrates as well as highly plasticized plastics. "On demand" bonding at line speeds greater than 20 feet per minute (6.1 meters per minute) is possible, providing increased throughput without additional labor or line expansion. The ability of selected “MSK” products to fluoresce upon exposure to low-intensity "black" light makes them ideally suited for in-line inspection. Dymax respiratory-device adhesives are easily dispensed by syringe, dipping well, screen print, or spray and are compatible with gamma, EtO and E-Beam sterilization.

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UV and Visible Light Curing Respiratory Device Adhesives Selector Guide

Applications: Facemasks; tube sets & fittings; tracheal tubes; adheres to PVC, PU, ABS, PC, and EVA
Features: See-Cure adhesives appear blue when dispensed and become clear when fully cured upon exposure to UV/Visible light. This allows users to know where the adhesive has been applied, as well as if the adhesive is fully cured; solvent free; fast UV and visible light cure; low shrinkage; very flexible; ISO 10993 tested

Applications: Facemasks; tube sets & fittings; breathing circuits; resuscitator bags; adheres to PVC, SEBS, PU, and PS
Features: Solvent free; fast UV and visible light cure; blue fluorescing for in-line inspection under low-intensity "black" light (365nm); moisture resistant; fast curing; flexible; ISO 10993 tested