UV/Visible Light LED-Curable Medical Electronics Coatings

Flexible, High-Performance, Coating for Electronic Applications

UV-Curable Optically Clear Hard Coatings for Plastic Substrates

Dymax medical electronics coating is a flexible, high-performance, LED-curable coating for electronic applications. This coating contains secondary heat-cure capability for applications where shadowed areas exist. Typical applications include coating of medical micro circuits, sealing, and moisture barrier. Bondable substrates include glass, FR-4, metal, ceramic, and glass-filled epoxy.

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UV/Visible Light-Curable Medical Electronics Coatings

Applications: Coating for medical micro circuits; sealing; moisture barrier; adheres to glass, FR-4, metal, ceramic, glass-filled epoxy, CAP, PS, TPU, and AL
Features: LED light cure; flame retardant; secondary heat cure; solvent free; repairable; suitable for both flexible and rigid substrates