SpeedMask® Temporary UV/Visible Light-Curable Masking Resins

for Parts Handling Processes

Masking Resins for Manufacturing Aid

SpeedMask® masking resins are formulated to provide superior surface protection from many parts-handling applications.

If you do not see your process, please contact Applications Engineering to learn how SpeedMask Masking Resins can make your manufacturing more efficient.

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SpeedMask® UV/Visible Light Curable Masking Resins for General Masking

724 Peelable maskant; next generation formulation; UV/Visible light curing; low adhesion; good protection during low-pressure blasting; easy to remove; clear in appearance

726-SC Peelable maskant; next-generation formulation; UV/Visible light curing; moderate adhesion; easy to remove; excellent protection during moderate-pressure blasting; See-Cure technology resin transitions from blue to pink upon sufficient exposure to light energy