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Achieve Better Protection and Higher Throughput with Light-Curable Conformal Coatings
Dymax's new Guide to Light-Cure Conformal Coatings outlines the benefits of using light-cure conformal coatings as well as cost justification, typical processing guidelines and best practices, product selection criteria, data, and industry specifications.


Mark Porter Joins Dymax as Territory Sales Manager
Dymax Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Porter as a Territory Sales Manager.


Micro-Spray Valve Features Contaminate-Free Dispensing
Dymax Corporation has released a more precise, flexible, and easier-to-use Model 455 Micro-Spray Valve. It features an inert, 100% disposable fluid path which carries materials from the material reservoir to the spray nozzle in a sealed path.


Sensor System Accurately Monitors Material Level in Pressurized Reservoirs
A new Low-Level-Sensing Reservoir System from Dymax Corporation prevents empty material reservoirs from introducing air into dispensing lines, thereby eliminating contamination during the dispensing process.


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