Structural Acrylic Adhesives and Epoxies

Metal Bonding, Magnet Bonding, and Motor Assembly

Structural Metal Bonding Adhesives

Activator-curing structural acrylic adhesives brought about the technology revolution known as cold bonding. This adhesive technology shortens the assembly times associated with motor, magnet, and metal bonding. Structural adhesives cure upon exposure to UV/Visible light, heat (for shadowed areas), or activator (for opaque surfaces). The adhesives bond glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, magnets, ferrite, as well as dissimilar substrates. Fast cure time saves space, labor, and regulatory compliance costs making product assembly easier and more efficient for manufacturers.

Features of Dymax 600 and 800 series metal bonding adhesives and epoxies:

  • Fixture in seconds
  • Acid-free
  • Non-corrosive and non-flammable
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Develop strength to 500 psi in seconds, with ultimate bond strengths to 3,500 psi, between opaque surfaces with activator

Structural adhesives are ideal for choke and transformer bonding, DC motor assembly, alternator and flywheel applications, tacking, unitizing, ruggedizing, sealing, shallow potting, magnet bonding, and metal bonding.

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Structural Adhesives for Metals, Motors, and Magnets Selector Guide

Adhesives & Activators for Structural Bonding Applications
6-621 Glass/metal bonding to phenolic and filled plasticsCures with UV/Visible light, heat, or pre-applied activator; high tensile strength; suited for rigid application; clear, hard bonds
6-625-SV01-REV-A Bonding dichromate and other plated surfaces, metal, glass, and thermoset plasticsCures with UV/Visible light, heat, or pre-applied activator; flexible and resilient; low stress; bonds withstand strains caused by different coefficients of expansion
846-GEL Metal frame bonding; metal-to-stone assembly; D.C. motor assembly; magnet bondingCures with heat or pre-applied activator; acrylic acid free; low-volatile acids; bonds well to ferrite, steel, metal, glass, ceramics, and plated surfaces; exhibits good thermal shock characteristics
501-E Activator Used with Dymax adhesives for increasing bond strength to metal, plated metal, ceramic, and glass substratesStrong structural bonds; fixtures in 10-20 seconds; no solvent flash-off time
535-A Activator Used with Dymax 600 and 800 series adhesives for fast structural bonding; high strength bonds form to metal, painted/coated metal, plated and surface treated metal, ferrite, ceramic, glass, wood, and thermoset plastic substratesODC-free; strong structural bonds; excellent degreasing and wetting properties; allows cure speed to match assembly speed; variety of application techniques; elimination of heat curing and other delays in curing; on-part cleaning action; broad tolerance of adhesive-to-activator ratios; rapid, on-demand curing to fixture or handling strength allows in-line quality control and increased production thru-put
Epoxies for Structural Bonding Applications
8-20626 Bonds metal, glass, ceramic, thermoset plastics, and filled NylonOne-component epoxy resin; induction/heat cure; large gap cure