UV Curable Optical Assembly Adhesives

Low-Stress, Low-Movement, Light-Curable Optical Adhesives

Optical Assembly Adhesives

Dymax low-stress, low-movement, light-curable optical adhesives cure in seconds to provide the strength and clarity of epoxies. Optically clear, high-tensile-strength bonds of 3,000 psi and shrinkage as low as 0.1% are possible.

  • UV/Visible light cure in seconds
  • Optically clear adhesive with excellent light transmission properties
  • High strength optical adhesive
  • Low stress optical adhesive
  • Solvent free
  • Low shrinkage and low outgassing properties, result in no movement during cure
  • One component, no mixing is required

UV curable optical adhesives for optical assembly and lens bonding include grades for VCSEL potting, lens fixturing, lens laminating, lens positioning, and fiber-optic assembly. Dymax optically clear adhesives feature low-shrink, low-stress characteristics, are single component, and exhibit gap filling to 1/4".

OP series UV/Visible light cure optical adhesives are ideal for optical assembly applications such as lens and optical mounting and the attachment of ceramic, glass, quartz, metal, and plastic components.

UV Curable Optical Assembly Adhesives Selector Guide

Light path, lens positioning, optical assembly High optical clarity; tenacious adhesion to glass and metal; moisture resistant optical adhesive; resists yellowing; low shrink on cure; Tg increases with heat exposure
OP-24-REV-B Bonding glass lenses to metal fixtures or backings Multi-cure; tack and bond with light, heat, or Dymax 501-E activator; impact resistant; opaque; bonds to Phenolic, ABS, glass, and metal
OP-29 Series Lens positioning, tacking, bonding, potting, sealing, and laminating Multipurpose; optically clear; resilient; low stress optical adhesive; resists yellowing, thermal shock, vibration, and impact; bonds glass, metal, and plastics; ideal for large or small areas
OP-67-LS Optical assembly alignment where minimal or no movement is required High strength positioning; low outgassing optical adhesive; low shrinkage; no movement during cure or thermal excursions; complete cure in seconds; bonds to metal, glass, ceramic, FR-4, and polycarbonate