Electronics Assembly Adhesives

Dymax’s broad range of one-part, solvent-free electronic materials cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light. Dymax UV curable materials are used in a wide variety of applications for circuit protection and electronic assembly. The products are electrically insulating and are designed for various operations including conformal coating, encapsulation, bonding, keypad coatings, thermal management, masking, and optical display bonding & lamination. IPC approved, MIL-I-46058C and UL listed self-extinguishing grades are available. Most products are available in multiple-viscosity grades, so the material flow may be tailored to the individual application.

Dymax UV curable conformal coatings may be applied over the entire PCB surface or discreet areas to provide complete protection from harsh environments or chemical exposure. Multiple shadowed-area cure options are available, including Dual-Cure. UV curable encapsulants protect components on rigid or flexible boards to -40°C. UV curable peelable maskants are designed for manual or fully automated masking of printed circuit boards prior to wave solder or reflow operations. One-part potting compounds can achieve full cure in seconds and dramatically reduce cycle times and costs. Dymax UV curable thermally conductive adhesives cure in seconds with light, heat or activator to effectively transfer heat to keep components cool. They may be paired with Dymax LED Protection potting materials to enhance LED performance. Dymax offers keypad coatings, which are designed for rapid coating of ultra-thin mobile phone keypads.

Halogen-Free Dymax Products Dymax has halogen-free formulations. We offer a wide variety of halogen-free conformal coatings, adhesives, encapsulants, and potting materials.
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UV/Visible Light Curing Electronics Assembly Application Materials

Conformal Coatings Encapsulants for Electronics Optical Display Bonding

Conformal Coatings

Dymax manufactures UV/Visible light curing conformal coatings to protect printed circuit boards. The conformal coating is applied to electronic circuitry to act as protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes that if uncoated (non-protected) could result in a complete failure of the electronic system. Dymax conformal coatings are available in IPC approved, MIL-I-46058C, and UL listed self-extinguishing grades.

Encapsulants for Microelectronic Assembly
and IC Protection

Dymax Ultra Light-Weld® encapsulants cure in seconds upon exposure to UV and/or visible light to produce tough, flexible encapsulants for bare die, wire bonds, or integrated circuits (IC). The encapsulants' fast cure helps reduce processing and energy costs associated with alternative technologies. The materials are all one part, so no mixing is required and viscosity is consistent.

Optical Display Bonding

Dymax light-curable optical display bonding adhesives are specifically formulated for applications where durable, crystal-clear, invisible bonds are required. Their fast, on-demand cure allows substrates to be repositioned precisely until parts are ready to be cured.

Keypad Coatings Electronics Peelable Maskants Electronics Potting Materials

Keypad Coatings

Dymax light-curable keypad coatings are designed to be molded onto plastic films and act as an outer layer of interfaces, including keypads. Dymax light-curing keypad coatings offer design flexibility while performing to stringent interface requirements including most common chemical resistance, impact, abrasion, and pencil-hardness specifications. The molding process enables instant fabrication of various contours, shapes, and textures. Set-up costs are minimal compared to similar performing keypads that require injection molds.

Peelable Maskants

Dymax Ultra Light-Weld electronic masks cure in seconds "on demand" when exposed to UV/Visible light. The masks are all one part, solvent free, and silicone free. Each material is engineered for precise placement on electronic components, that may be difficult to tape or mask with other methods, prior to conformal coating applications, wave soldering, or reflow operations.

Potting Materials

Dymax light cure UV potting materials cure tack free in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light. Each potting compound is engineered to bond different substrates, offering tenacious adhesion to plastics and metals. UV potting resins reduce waste from off-ratio mixing and are free from isocyanates and heavy metals. Processing in seconds eliminates fixtures, jigs, racks, and ovens to increase space and lower total inventory costs.

Wire Tacking and Component Ruggedizing LED Protection Encapsulants Thermal Interface Materials

Wire Tacking and Component Ruggedizing

Dymax UV/Visible light cure adhesives cure in seconds to provide optimal circuit protection. The "on demand" cure feature of these resins makes them ideal for manual applications such as wire tacking and coil termination, where optimal placement and immediate strength is critical.

LED Protection

LIGHT CAP® LED encapsulants and led potting materials cure in seconds to provide optimal protection of LEDs. LIGHT CAP materials are designed to endure higher operating temperatures, resist yellowing, and transmit more light than competing technologies.

Thermal Interface Materials

Dymax Multi-Cure® thermal interface materials may be cured with light, heat, or activator. Most applications utilize a combination of these methods for optimal cure speed. Light cure allows for exposed areas to cure immediately, fixturing parts in place so activator or heat can continue curing in shadowed areas without interruption to process flow.