Automotive Parts Assembly Adhesives

UV/Visible automotive adhesive and coatings for automotive parts assembly lower total manufacturing costs and make better parts. Dymax UV/Visible curable automotive adhesives and coatings produce more durable electronics, trim components, brighter headlamps, superior sound systems, stronger glass assemblies, and quieter motors.

100% solvent-free UV/Visible curing resins cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light, activator, or heat, and these automotive adhesives and coatings are designed to be integrated into assembly lines to make automation easier. Replace time-consuming off-line operations and adhesives with long cure times that are difficult to dispense, control and maintain. Eliminate processes that consume space, produce rejects or require expensive venting and safe handling procedures.

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UV/Visible Light-Curable Adhesive and Coatings for Automotive Parts Assembly

Quieter Motors Faster Trim Assembly Brighter Headlamps and Vehicle Lighting Assembly

Quieter Motors

Patented acrylic acid-free adhesives yield longer lasting motors. Their viscosity and speed of cure make automation easier. Dymax non-flammable resins form resilient bonds that make quieter motors.

Faster Trim Assembly

A Dymax form-in-place gasket eliminated the squeak of metal on plastic plus days of waiting for a silicone gasket to cure. The result - one assembly line replaced more than two and allowed the manufacturer to speed production, while utilizing less floor space.

Brighter Headlamps and Vehicle Lighting Assembly

Solvent-free adhesives for headlamp assembly cure in seconds and provide in-line cure for immediate quality control inspection. They resist harsh environments and withstand high temperatures to form strong structural bonds to glass, metal, plastic, and difficult-to-bond substrates.

Durable Electronics Safer Automotive Glass Superior Sound Systems

Durable Electronics

Tough, solvent-free Dymax conformal coatings and encapsulants provide superior protection for electronic circuitry. Even components on hard to bond substrates, such as polyimide, are easily protected in a few seconds. Dymax electronic products meet standard environmental stress requirements.

Safer Automotive Glass

Premier windshield crack repair products from Dymax help prevent costly windshield replacement. Dymax resins are incorporated into window and mirror applications to attach window brackets and review mirrors. Resilient resins coat glass and prevent shattering.

Superior Sound Systems

Speaker systems sound better with Dymax adhesives. Besides bonding speaker magnets, cones, and voice coils in seconds, Dymax has special resins that enhance sound and direct it to listeners.