Electronic Component Ruggedization

Ultra Light-Weld® 9309-SC cures upon exposure to UV/Visible light and is designed for rapid ruggedization of printed circuit boards and CSP reinforcement of fine pitch or leadless components.

9309-SC edgebond material ensures critical BGAs and chips on PCBs remain intact throughout manufacturing, assembly qualification, and service environments for the duration of the product lifecycle.

Use this material in applications where shock attenuation or ruggedization is necessary, including use as an alternative to underfill. 9309-SC provides rapid bonding to lead frame, PCB, silicon, and ceramic.

Typical applications include chip ruggedization of handheld electronic devices, mobile phones, laptop computers, gaming consoles, GPS, and digital music players.

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Application Bulletin

Product Data Sheet

Key Benefits:

  • Engineered bead shape for wetting both board surface and component edge without seeping into shadowed area
  • Patented See-Cure technology allows for precise placement of material and confirmation of cure (blue to colorless)
  • Reduces stress on interconnects during push, pull, shock, drop, and vibration
  • Tack-free surface after UV light cure for quicker handling and minimization of contamination to the surface
  • Materials can be needle dispensed or jetted to meet application/production criteria without satelliting or tailing

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